20 things that happened around or within me this year

1. The love I had held onto every so tightly burst out of my heart, through my hands and hit my special friend Murray with such force we were both left a little stunned.

2. I walked away from my first full-time job, smiling.

3. I was in an awful way for 2 months, stopped surfing,  cried into Beatties belly, but kept rowing, kept fighting, kept walking, talking and started sailing. that day i felt the joy slip back in.

4. I got naked, body, soul, the lot and regularly.

5.I laughed deeply at least once a week. I've never had that.

6. I read dreams.

7. I was given a memory which will never leave me, the boy who gave it to me was 7, when he felt the joy.

8. I made friends and ahh hmmm enemas

9. I gave a speech for one of my dearest friends and people laughed and cried a bit  :)woop woop

10. I comforted my Mumma

11. I did a hula hooping course and at the beginning I was so good i felt embarrassed and by the end I was so bad I tantrumed.

12.  I was challenged and confronted in my most loving relationships and  everything was still ok.

13. I read about being a woman and grew out of being a girl.

14. I made many many friends.

15. I dared to leave my house when I felt socially disabled.

16. I drank whisky

17. I did an impromptu interpretive dance for my lover when he returned from a month in New York

18. I sanded back old furniture and painted it new

19. I taught myself to sew lycra one piece swimming costumes and wonderful people all over are now wearing them.

20. I spoke my story freely.

21. I sang a sanskrit prayer to a group of people that I first heard in the womb and had never sung to anyone but myself.

22. My friend and I went to the flower markets at 5am, had a pop up flower store and were asked to style our local pub for their spring launch. We did it and it became my first installation.


its been a while, things are being created, but not photographed. really, i like it best that way. without all that capturing of moments, they happen and are free to be whatever they were meant to be.

onesie fabrics

here are just a few of the stunning fabrics available this season
Beach Wedding

Stretchy Cat Scan

Flower Salad

Beach Poppies

There are more to come, but the avatar is continuing on as I love it so.
Also, the fabrics below are still available, though there isn't much of it left.


I've never met Bruce, but he seems like a legend. Anyone who says he has been learning surfing for 45 years impresses me. But not only that, he took photos of his precious MP board in its new Gypsy Jacket and sent them back to me, a thoughtful man.

 So here it is, his favorite board, all dressed up, waiting for the perfect swell. love it.

Surfing Alaska with Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald

Here at Gypsy Jacket we are VERY excited because......our special GYPSY DRESS has featured on another blog! And not just any old blog, a woman warrior. A freedom fighter. A nature lover and a damn fine surfer! Check it!http://chrystaljameson.wordpress.com/

 Chrystal is an inspiration to anyone who knows her. She listens with her heart, meets you in yours and is on the search for the most nourishing and joyous life she can live.
Hey Gypsy Dress gave her warmth and privacy while she was in the wild shores of Alaska

and when she was surfing Alaska, this dude, taught her how to through a tomahawk http://chrystaljameson.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/how-i-learned-to-throw-a-tomahawk-on-the-4th-of-july/  see I told you, she IS a warrioress.
 This is actually her lover, Joel, that's another thing about the Gypsy Dress, you can disguise yourself...a dream of mine.
Joel's also a total legend, a boy at heart, who made Chrystal her boards for the trip, so even though she went alone (wild wolf woman) he was always with her. they are such an amazing couple.

To top this whole post off, here is Chrystal, surfing Alaska, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=898L2zKRXQA&noredirect=1

I love the part where she is about to get in the water and she says a prayer for protection and a prayer for joy, then bam wham in the water diving into her soul skin. lady.

barrel trim squat

barrel trim squat
get a log, a onesie and do the above. feels so damn good, spring and all.

hoop print

this print is stunningly elegant and from what I've seen, looks good on all skin tones....if you are wondering about the hoop, you can buy them from my teacher, bunny http://www.bunnyhoopstar.com/. enough said.

oh brother

 my brother requested that I send his board over to chile...so i gave it jacket and sent it on its way

gypsy jacket en-route to chile

aussie inside out

colour block blur

I lined it with australian history...not sure if he'll love that or if it'll infuriate his left wing tendancies...at least he wont  forget...i love my bro

spring onesies

 well i say, if it isn't another one of those floral onesies made by gypsy jacket

i heard things were meant to warm up, so i started making these...i think i was wrong about the weather, but im on a roll, so email if you want one..

on this cold sunday

 an earthy gypsy jacket was sewn

it's picture taken, and its owner met

then I pulled out a blanket, made a cuppa and read this book in my cool campervan. it doesn't get much better than this. warm in heart.

rainbow quiver

it MUST be love!

 I found myself flooded with emails requesting gypsy jackets for loved ones.

 for Esti, with love, Sam

 for James, with love, Kat

 for Carley, with love, Justin

and the flower bomb? well, that was a gift for myself.

holiday creations

after the last lot of flowers were collected from our street side store

after my nails were painted the brightest colour in the house

and when i had offered a daisy to the rainbow  (instructions from rainbow person robbie page)

i finally got down to business

in 2 days i made 10 mini simmons board covers.......then i had a long hot bath

2 log covers promptly followed

both with stripey upholstery lining

and then i got a call from rhythm, so i looked at their website and chose some clothes for spring adventures. you can look too if you like...http://rhythmlivin.com/

its been a special winter...and i feel strong. thanks to all involved.

pitter patter flower power

Beattie and I decided to do a pop up Flower shop this Friday.
We drove out to the Markets at 5am chatted to all the nice growers and chose our favourite flowers.
We are now happily making posies and flower bombs and love hearts.
Come by today till 6pm and Saturday 10 to 5pm to pick up a little colour and beauty for you or a friend this weekend.
Happy 1st July people!
Mr Fraser said on Sprout Daily this morning...
"Looking for some flowers on this first Friday of July?  Beattie & Sarah have been up early at the flower markets this morning putting together a little pop-up flower store at The Beattie Lanser Boutique on Sydney Rd, Fairlight.
Drop-in for some flowers and check out Beattie’s range of hand-made threads while you’re there.  Oh and no doubt the Friday bubbly will flow this afternoon or don’t be a stranger…. the girls will be there all day or until sold out."

back to the drawing board

after wild adventures in bali it's back to work

I dream....

 can we call this a short board?
i think i may be a ripping shortboarder

off again soon.