whale applique

photog murray fraser said he'd shoot some recently made gypsy jackets. an inconspicuous bogan lingered about, demanding to be part of every shot

and then tried to nick off with it!

thanks MF I think your shots are always beautiful

the gypsy dances

progressive dinners were a thing of the late 60's. Recently, in mantown, there has been a resurgence amongst a certain group of people...more on this to follow
the last house we visited was bridgets...there things got strange

following 4 meals and 5 glasses of red...you spin me right round baby right round like a reco...the gypsy dances...definately don't do this after your progressive dinner.

vintage freedom

after a morning chai I popped into the markets...
  raddest fabric i've ever seen. a basket full of magic.

fruit bums

This nice man found fruit bums at the markets

made from cotton, corduroy and a wool mix, its super strong, warm and protective, like blaines uggies meeeoooow


people watching
sugarmill has a few gypsy jackets
and a beautiful yellow combi for sale

tracy's new jacket

this is Tracy.

she was named by Flemmo

 a funny night, where I drank beer and heard many stories a young longboarder aught to know...

 and off she sped, into the night

crescent head

where gypsies stop 

to take a rest

theres nothing but silence
the waves may be small, but they can be found empty. a beautiful trip.
 I love paisley prints and old blankets
this one is at Heritage too. its for a fish.

the process

                       i make these after school, often with a glass of wine

 This one can be found at Heritage Surf, Manly.
i get asked a variety of questions regarding my board covers "what do they look like, what fabrics do you use?" and of course, they are all different. and then they say "are you on facebook?" and of course I'm not. so this is an attempt to meet those people half way. it's a tester, if you will. and the single most important answer...yes, they are made by hand, with love.