sew I'm home now

 these boots have taken me places

                                                     and faces have etched into my heart

                                                we have a studio now, a very friendly place

and orders are flooding in

                                 hands are working like mad...and distant memories flicker through

gypsy jacket ambassador

i think ambassador is the new name for the surfers term, "SPONOED". anyways I got me a gal, who says she'll put a gypsy jacket on her beloved fish. here she is below...

I know, total babe right!? I may get in trouble for putting this on, so enjoy it while its up. You see, Alex, fondly known as Al Bear, hacks into my phone every now and then, to cover my wall paper and background images with her beautiful selfies...its all I had.

Alex Kent is certainly a gypsy of the sea, but she's so much more to me. She's an explorer of the heart and mind, a gypsy of the grandest kind. A friend, a sister and a warrioress.

not bad for 64 years

I have a regular customer, his name is Allan and he is 64. It seems strange, calling him regular, but 3 covers over 3 years is regular in my game...he lives in another country but sends really, like really, lengthy emails about his adventures. and there are heaps of them. he apologises for the lengthy replies and tells me the problem with getting old is that once you start you never stop. i dont agree with him.
he always asks for crazy colours "the more garish the better", and responds sometimes with a poem or two. all these things pretty much make him my favorite customer, and I hope one day I can meet him in real skin, in the ocean.

finding fabulous fabric

is something I LOVE doing, the best finds have often been used before, but occasionally I find some gems that are brand new. below is a tonne of goodness that turned up over summer and transformed into gypsy jackets
 vintage bomb!

 this guy was for a landscape gardener

mustard, brown and yellow: a combination I sometimes love just a little too much


I met this really nice man and his family over insty, they live in my favorite place, and they ordered two. One of them is a bee hovering through sakura, the other is a totally hipster pirate groovy skull design..he sent me this photo today...
handmade surfboard covers by gypsy jacket

flower power

80's upholstery gypsy jacket heading north #stolenhappysocks

gypsy pirates keeping me busy

 gypsy jacket log

vintage pocket yum yum

 hand made handplane covers #gaypirate

hand made handplane cover #gypsydays

handplane heaven

it seems handplanes are all the rage right here's my input

Pirate Frenzy

I hunted down this amazing pirate ship fabric which I made into two gypsy jackets. One for Col, a good friend of mine, for his mid-length, and the other was snapped up by Jasmin, for her new 9'6. I'm just happy they are so loved. Thanks you two.

mid length cover

 buckets of flowers inside a pirate heart

last babooshka

This is the last of my very special golden lined babooshka fabric :( It's been so fun to play with.
Go north you lovely dolls