GJ to travel the world

richard, from durban in Africa, asked if id be his international supplier of board couture. i was so flattered I gave him my favorite australian vintage fabric.

here it is in manly...

this fabric is unbelievable...id love to see a pic of it on its next journey

mick mock's my hero

mm owns a vintage surf shop in newport, but you know that. he is a most wonderful character. anyway, he handed me some fabrics, and I made these
they are beautiful vintage tablecloths

each board bag is handmade, and is lined with a thick canvas



i'm so grateful to mick for his fabrics and enthusiasm about what i do. These 3 covers will be at his auction on the 24th september...more on this to follow

gypsy dress!!!

this may well blow your mind, so i hope your sitting safe :)
i've made a dress, out of vintage towels, it has a hood WITH TASSLES!!

crazy i know, but i love it. today i surfed in my 4' 3. usually a most undignified wetsuit to remove...but with my gypsy dress....it all happened so smoothly
by the way, i made the pom pom too, haven't done that since year 4.

netti's jacket

happy birthday my lady

retro wool mix

someone ordered this though the gentlemen at sugarmill
its 9'6, wool, cotton and cord

i hope its loved