I met this really nice man and his family over insty, they live in my favorite place, and they ordered two. One of them is a bee hovering through sakura, the other is a totally hipster pirate groovy skull design..he sent me this photo today...
handmade surfboard covers by gypsy jacket

flower power

80's upholstery gypsy jacket heading north #stolenhappysocks

gypsy pirates keeping me busy

 gypsy jacket log

vintage pocket yum yum

 hand made handplane covers #gaypirate

hand made handplane cover #gypsydays

handplane heaven

it seems handplanes are all the rage right now...so here's my input

Pirate Frenzy

I hunted down this amazing pirate ship fabric which I made into two gypsy jackets. One for Col, a good friend of mine, for his mid-length, and the other was snapped up by Jasmin, for her new 9'6. I'm just happy they are so loved. Thanks you two.

mid length cover

 buckets of flowers inside a pirate heart

last babooshka

This is the last of my very special golden lined babooshka fabric :( It's been so fun to play with.
Go north you lovely dolls

finding hands

before I left I sewed my hands onto a cushion to always hold my beloveds head.
little did i know that it was a prophesy of what I would find up here

finding hands

ive become aware that in times past, my hands had been forgotten
in the loneliness
they gripped each other tightly
(some might call this wringing)
they found their way to my mouth where i gnawed, trimmed and fiddled.
as i hid
fingers tapped on keyboards
and searched for something to pick, or scratch or pull
they seemed most busy finding faults in my body
or pointing out all the injustice of the world.
against me of course.
joints clicked, nails broke. twas their only way of screaming out for help

and now.
if I was to draw myself. my hands would be massive.
or maybe there would be many many hands, some stroking, some wiping tears
some chopping.-food, generally 
I've remembered my hands, and how to use them.
they push me through water, they lift and pull.
one hand gets a splinter from climbing trees...the other relieves it of that pain
my hands create
they catch me and support me when i walk along ledges that seem to high.
they dig deep into the earth just at the right time, revealing my 100 year old self.

my hands have learnt to wave, as my mouth has learnt to smile
my hands can make the shape of an animal and mould fabric into perfect expressions of something.
like my heart.
they grip my bicycle handles, hard, on tough hills while my body pours with sweat
my hands can hold babies, and caress the faces of those I love

fingers can  interlock,
prayer, love, safety, a light reassurance
they sweep through leaves and catch frogs
they hold food, to give to friends
they grip books and turn pages

the point is, i now feel them, physically,
with me all the time. 
they can even frame the moon. :)

something i made with my hands

ironing board covers

is what most people at Eumundi markets thought these were...freally weird ironing boards shapes....anyways note to self, next time write a sign....

so these ironing board covers are all up for grabs!
                                                                          Aztec Stripe

                                                                    Daisy Pirate
Soul Shorty
sold but can make something similar


a lovely log cover complete with padding, this one's a treat

noosa joy

Life up here is slow, and perfect. It involves few words and lots of ocean.

another denim gypsy jacket

I'm really loving these denim numbers
this one is made out of super thick Ksubi denim, which means there's no need for lining

this one's mine

instagram onsies

basically, I will never be on facebook. that being said, I LOVE instagram. if you should like to check me out, user name: gypsyjacket. otherwise, here are some treated pics of onsies which will be selling at the markets this weeked. see you.

announcement of sale

Dear all, (clears throat excitedly)

I am moving to noosa for 2 months...eeeek!
I have a granny flat....OMG!!!! mmmhmmm yep i tell no lies
it's really close to my favorite breaks...holy smoke I might fall over with the joy!
and then I'll be in new Zealand for a month...i know, it's too much goodness.
Don't worry, there are benefits for you...announcement below

I'M HAVING A SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
onesies $60 and board covers from $90

Oh DO come down to Manly markets Saturday and Sunday, (the posh ones, you know next to the Steyne...!)

Coz this is it kids, I'm off on a long adventure, the gypsy has been in town for waaaay too long.
by the way, the above board cover is made of denim, not just any denim, but Karen Walker denim...yes we are talking QUALITY here.

T and M

 When people order gypsy jackets for their loved ones, it touches my heart.

Thanks for choosing me to make your special gift.