lucky me

im so lucky coz my friend jesse has shaped me two amazing boards for my trip to bali. here's one of them.

its extra special because he used this vintage fabric he picked up in norway....i've called it allsorts.

and he says it'll be really fast. thanks jesse.

ill show you the mini simmons later. its that good, it needs its own post.

pink is the answer

things have been raining down on me real hard over here. you know, life stuff which isn't important but feels important.

lucky i have my pink jacket on.
it makes me feel safe.
and not so busy.
which really
much better.

another introduction

hi, my name is sarah, i make handmade surfboard covers. in my bedroom. on a red desk. here is my new ad thingo....well, not ad. i don't believe in all that. so if you see it somewhere, you like it and think oohhhh my board would like to wear a gypsy jacket. then here i am. machine ready. 
thank you nice person who took that photo and put those words on it.