avatar onesie

surfs pretty much perfect up here. keith took this photo, for his website

here are some pics of the one pieces i designed and made.
ive sold a few up here, to people of different shapes and ages. and they look graceful, flattering and sexy on all of them. very happy.
this is the avatar. i see you.

onsies to be worn surfing

this is chelsea-rose...everything about her is bloody excellent. including her swimwear, which was designed and made by me.

tested mine in the surf today, perfect.
im really excited about all the prints I am using...more to follow

and to everyone who is waiting for a board cover, they are coming, after noosa. yew.

bringing in the new year

two very modern gypsies set of seeking adventures on the far south coast

up before the birds, the farm welcomed us with perfect waves and sweet sweet pineapple 

  not to mention the vagabond and pirate we picked up along the way
 after small town explorations involving bakeries, naps in parks and bric a brac stores we settled in a grove full of wild wild trees, surrounded by a freshwater lake and the salty salty sea.
 inspired by the flower drum, we set to work, gathering what we could, to make wreaths for the ones we love
who, might I add, is clothes designer extraordinaire 
 and me
Beattie picked up some enamel along the way (I tried to stop her, but she promised it'd be the last time...it wasn't)
 street side veggies with honesty boxes 
 amazing waves and hot hot days
 a tropical pash or two :)
 much wandering
 VERY impressive fires in mysterious bays
 warm cups of tea (note the enamel cups and teapot...problem)
 explosions of joy
 and giggles galore

we stepped into the new year with grace in our hearts and flowers in our hair
I hope you did too.