i will not suffer these sydney onshores any longer

my van is packed...and we're off, on another gypsy adventure. looking forward to the treasure that awaits this weekend.

recent arrivals in the gypsy jacket inbox

The Board Bag

I'd like to request,

This eve, with the sun in the west,

A board bag - I would.

About six three to six four

And if you could,

Pale blue, bright green colours for sure.

But first the price,

Just approximate would be nice

Becoz, you know, I dont wonna blow too fucken much before the fucken holidays with chrissie and fucken everythink ....

There - from your sensitive articulate poetic friend,
Who is also a fucken surfer obviously.
(apart from an immediate and impulsive proposal...)
anyway, if you can beat that request I may well give you a discount!

p.s i now have a partner in crime. shes awesome. its her thanksgiving day today. so, Jackie Hanna Daily, its you im thankful for.

blane's babooshka board bag

here lies your gypsy jacket,
already 4 have tried to snatch it,
but i shout, (in my scariets voice)
it may seem sweet it may seem balmy,
but blane was trained up in the ARMY!!!!"
"in the army??" they reply, (ever so curtly)
"but its covered in babooshka"
Yes, thats true, and some think bizzar,
but blanes a man with many sides, i think he even plays guitar
I send them away,
and here it'll stay,
until you come on this rainy day.

cotton, cord, wool mix with canvas lining and a wax pocket.
peace. thanks for choosing the dolls.

christmas present for jayce

 this is for a crescent head mal rider, it couldn't cover a happier board

                                    for you to know:
                      they are often lined with a thick canvas fabric
                      they have rubber in the nose
                      they are made from durable thick fabrics
                      they look handsome or hot whatever you'd prefer!