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The Board Bag

I'd like to request,

This eve, with the sun in the west,

A board bag - I would.

About six three to six four

And if you could,

Pale blue, bright green colours for sure.

But first the price,

Just approximate would be nice

Becoz, you know, I dont wonna blow too fucken much before the fucken holidays with chrissie and fucken everythink ....

There - from your sensitive articulate poetic friend,
Who is also a fucken surfer obviously.
(apart from an immediate and impulsive proposal...)
anyway, if you can beat that request I may well give you a discount!

p.s i now have a partner in crime. shes awesome. its her thanksgiving day today. so, Jackie Hanna Daily, its you im thankful for.


beattie said...

ah bella regazza!

gypsy jacket said...

you too B. and very talented. since when did you know Italian mmmm?