20 things that happened around or within me this year

1. The love I had held onto every so tightly burst out of my heart, through my hands and hit my special friend Murray with such force we were both left a little stunned.

2. I walked away from my first full-time job, smiling.

3. I was in an awful way for 2 months, stopped surfing,  cried into Beatties belly, but kept rowing, kept fighting, kept walking, talking and started sailing. that day i felt the joy slip back in.

4. I got naked, body, soul, the lot and regularly.

5.I laughed deeply at least once a week. I've never had that.

6. I read dreams.

7. I was given a memory which will never leave me, the boy who gave it to me was 7, when he felt the joy.

8. I made friends and ahh hmmm enemas

9. I gave a speech for one of my dearest friends and people laughed and cried a bit  :)woop woop

10. I comforted my Mumma

11. I did a hula hooping course and at the beginning I was so good i felt embarrassed and by the end I was so bad I tantrumed.

12.  I was challenged and confronted in my most loving relationships and  everything was still ok.

13. I read about being a woman and grew out of being a girl.

14. I made many many friends.

15. I dared to leave my house when I felt socially disabled.

16. I drank whisky

17. I did an impromptu interpretive dance for my lover when he returned from a month in New York

18. I sanded back old furniture and painted it new

19. I taught myself to sew lycra one piece swimming costumes and wonderful people all over are now wearing them.

20. I spoke my story freely.

21. I sang a sanskrit prayer to a group of people that I first heard in the womb and had never sung to anyone but myself.

22. My friend and I went to the flower markets at 5am, had a pop up flower store and were asked to style our local pub for their spring launch. We did it and it became my first installation.


its been a while, things are being created, but not photographed. really, i like it best that way. without all that capturing of moments, they happen and are free to be whatever they were meant to be.