Today's blog is of rebirth...junkyards becoming homes...vintage fabrics becoming board bags...friendships. and. gus, i'll see you some time.

3 gypsy jackets got sewn one day,
by a lovely lady who came from far away

Here they are with a story of their own
We hope they are loved and find a home.

sometimes you find the strangest things,

there are those days where your odds become evens and your evens become odds.

and it can take a while, and it might be hard to see,

but its in this junkyard of life that beauty is revealed.

i will not suffer these sydney onshores any longer

my van is packed...and we're off, on another gypsy adventure. looking forward to the treasure that awaits this weekend.

recent arrivals in the gypsy jacket inbox

The Board Bag

I'd like to request,

This eve, with the sun in the west,

A board bag - I would.

About six three to six four

And if you could,

Pale blue, bright green colours for sure.

But first the price,

Just approximate would be nice

Becoz, you know, I dont wonna blow too fucken much before the fucken holidays with chrissie and fucken everythink ....

There - from your sensitive articulate poetic friend,
Who is also a fucken surfer obviously.
(apart from an immediate and impulsive proposal...)
anyway, if you can beat that request I may well give you a discount!

p.s i now have a partner in crime. shes awesome. its her thanksgiving day today. so, Jackie Hanna Daily, its you im thankful for.

blane's babooshka board bag

here lies your gypsy jacket,
already 4 have tried to snatch it,
but i shout, (in my scariets voice)
it may seem sweet it may seem balmy,
but blane was trained up in the ARMY!!!!"
"in the army??" they reply, (ever so curtly)
"but its covered in babooshka"
Yes, thats true, and some think bizzar,
but blanes a man with many sides, i think he even plays guitar
I send them away,
and here it'll stay,
until you come on this rainy day.

cotton, cord, wool mix with canvas lining and a wax pocket.
peace. thanks for choosing the dolls.

christmas present for jayce

 this is for a crescent head mal rider, it couldn't cover a happier board

                                    for you to know:
                      they are often lined with a thick canvas fabric
                      they have rubber in the nose
                      they are made from durable thick fabrics
                      they look handsome or hot whatever you'd prefer!

christmas orders

hello, i'm going away, for a very long see the world. I leave early december. if you want to order a handmade surfboard cover for a christmas present, now really is the time. and i have some glorious fabrics on my hands!

oh earth, you are too wonderful for anybody to realise you.

Let's really look at one another...we don't have time to look at one another. I didn't realise. So all of that was going on and we never noticed....Goodbye. Goodbye world. Goodbye Mumma and Papa. Goodbye to clocks ticking....and Mumma's sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new ironed dresses and hot baths....and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth,you are too wonderful for anybody to realise you. Do any human beings ever realise life while they live it...every,every minute

walking through fields of flowers

 with watermelon
in wonder

GJ to travel the world

richard, from durban in Africa, asked if id be his international supplier of board couture. i was so flattered I gave him my favorite australian vintage fabric.

here it is in manly...

this fabric is love to see a pic of it on its next journey

mick mock's my hero

mm owns a vintage surf shop in newport, but you know that. he is a most wonderful character. anyway, he handed me some fabrics, and I made these
they are beautiful vintage tablecloths

each board bag is handmade, and is lined with a thick canvas



i'm so grateful to mick for his fabrics and enthusiasm about what i do. These 3 covers will be at his auction on the 24th september...more on this to follow

gypsy dress!!!

this may well blow your mind, so i hope your sitting safe :)
i've made a dress, out of vintage towels, it has a hood WITH TASSLES!!

crazy i know, but i love it. today i surfed in my 4' 3. usually a most undignified wetsuit to remove...but with my gypsy all happened so smoothly
by the way, i made the pom pom too, haven't done that since year 4.

netti's jacket

happy birthday my lady

retro wool mix

someone ordered this though the gentlemen at sugarmill
its 9'6, wool, cotton and cord

i hope its loved

whale applique

photog murray fraser said he'd shoot some recently made gypsy jackets. an inconspicuous bogan lingered about, demanding to be part of every shot

and then tried to nick off with it!

thanks MF I think your shots are always beautiful

the gypsy dances

progressive dinners were a thing of the late 60's. Recently, in mantown, there has been a resurgence amongst a certain group of people...more on this to follow
the last house we visited was bridgets...there things got strange

following 4 meals and 5 glasses of spin me right round baby right round like a reco...the gypsy dances...definately don't do this after your progressive dinner.

vintage freedom

after a morning chai I popped into the markets...
  raddest fabric i've ever seen. a basket full of magic.

fruit bums

This nice man found fruit bums at the markets

made from cotton, corduroy and a wool mix, its super strong, warm and protective, like blaines uggies meeeoooow


people watching
sugarmill has a few gypsy jackets
and a beautiful yellow combi for sale

tracy's new jacket

this is Tracy.

she was named by Flemmo

 a funny night, where I drank beer and heard many stories a young longboarder aught to know...

 and off she sped, into the night

crescent head

where gypsies stop 

to take a rest

theres nothing but silence
the waves may be small, but they can be found empty. a beautiful trip.
 I love paisley prints and old blankets
this one is at Heritage too. its for a fish.