announcement of sale

Dear all, (clears throat excitedly)

I am moving to noosa for 2 months...eeeek!
I have a granny flat....OMG!!!! mmmhmmm yep i tell no lies
it's really close to my favorite breaks...holy smoke I might fall over with the joy!
and then I'll be in new Zealand for a month...i know, it's too much goodness.
Don't worry, there are benefits for you...announcement below

I'M HAVING A SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
onesies $60 and board covers from $90

Oh DO come down to Manly markets Saturday and Sunday, (the posh ones, you know next to the Steyne...!)

Coz this is it kids, I'm off on a long adventure, the gypsy has been in town for waaaay too long.
by the way, the above board cover is made of denim, not just any denim, but Karen Walker denim...yes we are talking QUALITY here.

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