gypsy jacket ambassador

i think ambassador is the new name for the surfers term, "SPONOED". anyways I got me a gal, who says she'll put a gypsy jacket on her beloved fish. here she is below...

I know, total babe right!? I may get in trouble for putting this on, so enjoy it while its up. You see, Alex, fondly known as Al Bear, hacks into my phone every now and then, to cover my wall paper and background images with her beautiful selfies...its all I had.

Alex Kent is certainly a gypsy of the sea, but she's so much more to me. She's an explorer of the heart and mind, a gypsy of the grandest kind. A friend, a sister and a warrioress.


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little em said...

Amazing board cover!! Perfect for Spring x

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yes you are right little em

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