pitter patter flower power

Beattie and I decided to do a pop up Flower shop this Friday.
We drove out to the Markets at 5am chatted to all the nice growers and chose our favourite flowers.
We are now happily making posies and flower bombs and love hearts.
Come by today till 6pm and Saturday 10 to 5pm to pick up a little colour and beauty for you or a friend this weekend.
Happy 1st July people!
Mr Fraser said on Sprout Daily this morning...
"Looking for some flowers on this first Friday of July?  Beattie & Sarah have been up early at the flower markets this morning putting together a little pop-up flower store at The Beattie Lanser Boutique on Sydney Rd, Fairlight.
Drop-in for some flowers and check out Beattie’s range of hand-made threads while you’re there.  Oh and no doubt the Friday bubbly will flow this afternoon or don’t be a stranger…. the girls will be there all day or until sold out."

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Anonymous said...

Sister Sarah! and lovely Beattie, what a fantastic idea. i love it! wish i was there to stop at your pop up, and try on some beautiful new treads. will mos deff come by when im home. xooxo