holiday creations

after the last lot of flowers were collected from our street side store

after my nails were painted the brightest colour in the house

and when i had offered a daisy to the rainbow  (instructions from rainbow person robbie page)

i finally got down to business

in 2 days i made 10 mini simmons board covers.......then i had a long hot bath

2 log covers promptly followed

both with stripey upholstery lining

and then i got a call from rhythm, so i looked at their website and chose some clothes for spring adventures. you can look too if you like...

its been a special winter...and i feel strong. thanks to all involved.


Anonymous said...

love love love your poetry, art, an style, rainbow rhythm lady of the sunshine and all things magical! can't wait to see you soon!

pidgeon said...

nice covers, mine are nearly all sold little lady. hows those boards treating you?

beb said...

you inspire me every day. x